Oh Smoky - Smoked Stout

Making of Oh Smoky - Smoked Stout

Profile: Smooth and smoky with hints of chocolate and licorice

Batch size

15 litres


2,3kg (52,6%) Pale Ale Malt
1kg (22,8%) Smoked Malt
0,5kg (11,4%) Flaked Oats
0,25kg (5,7%) Crystal Malt 300 EBC
0,13kg (2,9%) Rye Malt
0,1kg (2,3%) Black Malt
0,1kg (2,3%) Chocolate Malt

Total 4,38kg


Magnum 10gr - 90min
Fuggles 10gr - 30min
Fuggles 10gr - 0min


7gr Oak chips (soak in smoky whisky for 3 days, keep in fermentator for 7 days)


Fermentis Safale US-05


Mash 67 °C - 60 minutes

Boil 90 minutes

Fermentation 17c